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The Mafia, The Government, And The Drainage Of Our Tax Pool

The Charbonneau Commission: Mafia And Government
NYC authorities have said that Canada's Rizzuto Crime Family makes their own Bonnano look like "a nickel and dime operation".  A major Quebec government enquiry into organized crime, the Charbonneau Commission, still ongoing, focused on the Mafia takeover of taxpayer subsidized real estate and highway construction business discovers that:
  • honest businessmen in competition with Mafia bidders are threatened, and in at least one case, murdered
  • Bernard Trepanier, a government union official, pressured major corporations such as Pratt and Whitney for shakedowns to be paid to the Mafia
  • at least two Mayors of cities Laval and Montreal are connected with Mafia deals, and forced to resign
  • the former Mayor of Laval drained Laval of so much money it now is on the verge of bankruptcy
  • the Mafia has partners in both the CRA, Canada's Revenue Agency, and Revenue Quebec, defrauding the people of Quebec
  • Millions of dollars of Canadian money, owned by the people of Quebec and Canada, travel out of the country by student couriers carrying cash to Swiss banks on behalf of the former Mayor of Laval, boxes of cash carried to Broward County, Florida, and regular airplane flights by the Rizzuto family to California

If you are not living in the Montreal area, you may not have been following arguably the largest financial scandal in our country.

The Mafia Is Moving Into Planned Estate Fraud

Please study the information that will be posted elsewhere, dozens of falsified accounting sheets, if you seek further proof of our charges.  A family member Ross Smyth left an estate of several hundred dollars - more than a million dollars if the stolen Air Canada travel passes are considered - at TD Canada Trust in 2008.

The three stockbrokers who moved into his estate into TD Waterhouse and issued accounting sheets showing no money in the account, showing massive UNTRUE tax charges were investigated by us.

What we discovered should be of concern to others in Quebec and Canada, our story of Estate Fraud connects with the Mafia through two powerful Mafia connected families.

The Mafia And The $55.000,000 Insurance Scam

The family of Francine Hamelin, a relative of Gaeten Frigon, associate of Tony Accurso and business partner, and friend of Paolo Catania.  Hamelin is the wife of Yvon DuChaine, who deceived the Quebec government into obtaining $55,000,000 in mutual funds insurance, which was then passed out to stockbrokers who sold the suspicious investments.

Crimes: securities fraud, tax fraud, nepotism as many Mafia friends received rebates to their second Broward County, Florida homes.  See maps and lists.

The family of Greg J. Borowik, Grygoryj Borowik, a TD stockbroker who changed his name in 2000 when he came to Canada, He uses the name Grygoryj in his USA banking activities, and returned his part of the $55,000,000 insurance money to one of his own dead relatives, Azriel Borowik, of 112 Shotwell Avenue, Staten Island, NYC.  

The relatives of Greg J, or Grygoryj, lead colorful lives.   David Borowik, of NYC and Miami, sails in small boats as a hobby to Bermuda and other Caribbean Islands.   Hanna Borowik is an IRS tax expert who handles taxes for known Bonnano family associates on Staten Island.   There is nothing illegal about those activities.   Paying money into your own dead relative's bank accounts over the 49th parallel is a little scary.

Because these Mafia connected stockbrokers opened a small USA bank account in the name of our DEAD father as well.  The HUGE amounts of money these men and women are taking requires set Business Crime Templates to organize and move the millions - and when will overly cautious Canadians consider the word billions - faster.

We said in 2011 after discovering that the stockbrokers at TD Waterhouse were doing the following:

  • double book keeping, they show something to honest staff to deflect investigation
  • tax fraud, at a major level, they return the taxes back to themselves, this is for skilled investigators
  • opening bank accounts in the name of the DEAD
  • using their own large family groups, see our Florida maps
  • using Mafia females, who are rarely charged, and at TD Waterhouse, one American male is served by a group of females, June Taylor, Francine Hamelin, and Jocelyn Meloche - who follow his leadership
  • using the 49th parallel and confusion thereof to facilitate the flow of millions

The Mafia In Quebec Moves Into Environmental Issues

We won't even begin to go into that here.   Quebec controls more than 3% of the world's fresh water.  Just a fun thought for all our futures.

Please consider these ideas:

  • Reopen the loss, partial of otherwise, of the $55,000,000 in mutual funds insurance, and the leadership of the Perfolio Group, led by Yvon DuChaine, with his FAMILY members as Gaeten Frigon and Francine Hamelin, his friend Guy Marc-Aurele, his association with Paolo Catania and Tony Accurso
  • That TD Bank is also a major bank in Broward County, and we are not implying that TD Bank is more than a transit point, with all those boats travelling outwards to the Caribbean from Miami
  • We should not even to say we are not prejudiced towards Jewish people, but with this degree of Mafia connectedness, the Jewish Mafia already linked to Italian and Quebec Mafia in previous stories - Robert Lis and John Finkelstein of the Montreal Mafia active in Broward County, Florida, with home connections in Israel - the large and impressive Jewish charitable activities of the Borowik Montreal - NYC - Florida dynasty seem somehow suspect.
  • Any major conflict in the Middle East - Israel, Syria, Iran - can easily invoke the banking rules of the Patriot Act, which placed an easily opened back door on ALL of American people's bank accounts
  • NO ONE at TD Bank has yet to remove the Mafia connected families from their positions

A Major Mafia Chieftain, Paolo Catania, Charged in Quebec
is one a group of 5 Collins Avenue homes, Sunny Isles Beach, Miami, within a few minutes walk from one another!
- His friend, the former Mayor of Laval, who shared out so much money from Quebec's third biggest city, the city is bankrupt.  Gilles Vaillancourt, who was charged with his brother, Guy Vaillancourt, on May 9, 2013, in Quebec, with 35 other government and Mafia chums.
Millions of dollars passes through Broward County, avoiding all taxes on both sides.
- Laval Gagnon, an ally of the corrupt Laval mayor, also charged on May 9, 2013, he has had a good lawyer because he just removed his Internet connections to Florida
- Gaeten Frigon and wife Helene Heroux, a  powerful Quebec businessman, who connects with his friends Tony Accurso, Paolo Catania yet still has power over construction funds and also was behind the $55,000,000 insurance rebate and distribution with his relative Yvon DuChaine, leader of the Perfolio Group, hiding behind a numbered Canada corporation
- Gerard Marc-Aurele, a relative of Vito Rizzuto friend, Guy Marc-Aurele, on North Bay, 5 minutes walk from Paolo Catania, and a construction business magnate with a flock of numbered corporations

Ex-Mayor Gilles Vaillancourt, also Guy, Luc, Benoit, and Paul: home by Paolo Catania

Gaeten Frigon and Helene Heroux: Home Beside Paolo Catania

Laval Gagnon, charged May 9, 2013, home by Paolo Catania

Paolo Catania
Top Mafia Leaders, Construction Businesses, Charged 2013
17000 Collins Ave +
Sunny Isles Beach
Miami 33160

Gilles Vaillancourt, Francine Dupuis Vaillancourt
The Ex-Mayor Of Laval, Arrested May 9 2013
15645 Collins Avenue
Sunny Isles Beach
Miami 33160

Laval Gagnon
Arrested With Ex-Mayor Of Laval May 9 2013
15901 Collins Avenue
Sunny Isles Beach
Miami 33160

Gaeten Frigon
Quebec Businessman, Associated With Tony Accurso, Still Free, A Former Quebec Lottery Chief, And A Family Member Of Francine Hamelin And Yvon DuChaine
17375 Collins Avenue
Sunny Isles Beach
Miami 33160

Gerard J Marc Aurele,
Sylvain Marc-Aurele,
Daniel Marc-Aurele
This address is 5 minutes walk from Paolo Catania,  family members of Guy Marc-Aurele, a best friend of Vito Rizzuto, Mafia Kingpin.
Guy Marc-Aurele was a partner of Francine Hamelin, in Las Vegas, Harvard Corporation: there are multiple loopings.
17801 N Bay Road
Sunny Isles Beach
Miami 33160

Millions Of Dollars Flow To Florida

Story 2: Gaeten Frigon and his relatives Francine Hamelin and Yvon Duchaine - how they changed the Quebec law to get mutual funds insurance, for the same investments they sold! And returned to their relatives.

Mafia Behind $55,000,000 Norberg Insurance Refunds

Others Under Investigation In QUEBEC: see the Charbonneau Commission

Anthony Mergl
3113 South Ocean Drive
Hallandale 33009
Accursio Sciascia
2076 South Ocean Drive
Hallandale 33009
Bernard Trepanier
121 West Lake Drive
Hallandale 33009
Christian Andre Paisse Sr.
Father of Patrick Paisse, Jimmy Cournoyer Gang
Pavi Marble And Tile, construction business
3611 Oaks Clubhouse Drive
Pompano Beach 33069

Anthony Mergl, Rene Mergl, friends of ex-Mayor, charged May 9, 2013, home by Accursio Sciascia

List of 37 Mafia-Government Officials, the LAVAL 37, with starred Florida home pattern

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