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Proof: Alice In Wonderland Accounting Sheet, Line by Line

Turning to Customer Service for Help.


Recall 2009 accounts: after debts such as funeral expenses, there was enough left for 7 times $5000 cash bequests or $35,000 to grandchildren and charities, and then the big 4 equal shares to relatives in Dad's life - widow,  3 grown children from 1st marriage.
A huge surprise chunk of $50,000 INCOME tax whacked this roughly $200,000 into giving the 4 relatives roughly $29,000 plus from $42,000 plus, the $50,000 INCOME tax being divided $12,500 each off 4 shares.
So where did all that money go?  This top figure is a LIE.
A LIE that does not match up with 2009.
What the heck, it's a new year!


Oh, this is really scary! I am still bright enough to know this is a brand new tax name, SPOUSAL ROLLOVER, never mentioned in 2008 or 2009. 
The roughly $25,000 rings a bell.  The $50,000 INCOME tax in 2008 dragging my legacy from $42,000 plus to $29,000 plus was 2 parts: one due to provincial taxes, the other due to federal.


A new tax!  This looks really good to the Tax People, like something that was debited is now being honestly returned to us.  I don't remember seeing the debit. Interestingly, when we get to the bottom of this Alice Sheet, Greg gives $7500 to me, $7500 to my sister, and $1000 plus to the widow in January 2010.
The only trouble is that $16,000 plus is all we will ever see, caput, no more in the 2nd or 3rd quarter.  He can say he gave us the tax, while he gets ALL THE REST.  Brilliant!


Here we have more Mix 'N Match accounting fun.  Yes, now there are 2 sums of around $25,000 with the prior and new Spousal Rollover fun.
Though both new, they remind me of the 2 $25,000 huge chunk deducted as 2009 closed for INCOME tax Quebec and INCOME tax Ottawa.  And these reminders are important, because the $50,000 chunk in INCOME tax will never be referred to again in 2010.
Why bother to remind me of $50,000 INCOME tax lost in 2009, and be like all those other boring Canadian banks and credit card companies, carrying over the same sums from page to page, monotonous and repetitious?


This $42,000 plus looks interesting, because this is the 4 of us were supposed to inherit.  It is supposed to be divided between the 4 of us in the first quarter, misleading me into thinking there will be 3 more quarters in this year.  I have not paid attention to every manipulative detail on this sheet: it is a classic for Forensic Accounting classes.
Go back to how I thought at the close of 2009: the $42,000 plus for us 4 minus the $12,500 to pay the $50,000 tax bill.  He allows for that on the first payments, we each get roughly $10,000 plus minus roughly $2500.
If this is too confusing for the reader, he is trying to play with our expectation of regular payouts.
NO MONEY comes again.
And guess who gets blamed!
It is all the fault of the Canadian government.  I missed the word PENDING.  PENDING means there are no quarterly payments.  PENDING means Greg gets almost all the money.


Here we have more joking around, the mixed metaphor of 4 people and 4 calendar quarters, of course, we cannot even get the $10,000 plus as there will be a Tax Bite out ot that, even though NO MORE MONEY will ever come.


I hate to drag up a minor point, like the name of a man where the name of his widow should be, her name is Genovecchia, quite different in spelling.  She uses Jenny and has for many years.
Also as his widow is given the name of a male, a letter to me is addressed as though I am the wife of my father!  Maybe the loss of over $150,000 is just a small technical glitz as well.


The widow wanted to pass on money/cash to her own children and grandchildren, as my father did to his.  And not debts.  My father and his wife had NO debts, her home was mortgage free with a rental unit.  Their taxes were done by H and R Block.
I don't get this, and I don't buy it.
It implies some debt of the widow, taken off the other  inheritors. We were never even residents in the same home.  There is NO family connection by blood or home.
This is a very nasty concoction, for it also temporarily manipulated me against the old widow.  The twisted accounting looks as though she has been given prematurely a large chunk of money, though all 4 were supposed be equal exactly, as my father was wise in his planning.
Then the roller coast ride of arithmetic swoops around, giving her nothing in the end.
The executor knew of the bitter tensions in the family.  Yet continue down the sheet and see who gets ALMOST ALL THE MONEY.
The true and hideous purpose of this sheet.
This is WHITE COLLAR CRIME even boasting about what it is doing, in a written statement.
He is giving us $7500 in January 2010, remember, my brother is a missing person.  And then claims only $7900 is required to be paid to each of the 3 female relatives ot my father to close the file.
This out of a legacy of $42.000 plus, each to 4 people, openly acknowledged earlier in writing in 2009.  Chopped down to $29,000 plus with the phony $50,000 INCOME tax never referred to in 2010, and now down to $15,000 plus each with the phony SPOUSAL LIABILITY DEBT.
There is a paper trail a mile wide.

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