The Mafia, The Government, And The Drainage Of Our Tax Pool

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Proof: In January 2010, Part or All of the Same $50,000 Becomes Spousal Liability Tax

Turning to Customer Service for Help.

Jan. 2010: This shockingly muddled sheet is it.
Look at the last line: terrifying, only 7500 is paid all in all.

My signature for the $50,000 INCOME TAX of 2009
Allowed robbery of $25,000 credit, Jan. 2010, no relative of mine.

Later in Jan. 2010, this is the 2009 reference for
For the 25,000 - 50,000 Spousal Liability Debt

$50,000 INCOME tax changes into SPOUSAL LIABILITY!
Separate as to property.

USA Citizens -
Apply For Huge Whistleblower IRS Rewards!
Millions Of Canadian Government Money
Passes Through Broward County, Florida Banks
NOT Paying Due IRS Taxes. 
See Names, Maps.
Also report information to
The Charbonneau Commission website.
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