The Mafia, The Government, And The Drainage Of Our Tax Pool

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Guy Marc-Aurele's Business Partner On Our Estate Fraud! Francine Hamelin Duchaine

Firstly, in response to questions from a helpful Securities Commission official, the three names listed on the handling of this estate were NEVER GIVEN MANDATE by our father, Ross Smyth.
For many years June Taylor was the estate handler named by our father as being the person responsible at TD Canada Trust.
He died on July 31 2008, and one of the creators of this website was with him daily for several months before he died.  Several relatives inheriting were in touch with June Taylor until his death, concerning his inability to purchase some things he needed in the hospital, with sympathy rexpressed by June, and no money released.
In September MONEY MARKET FUNDS, A TYPE OF INVESTMENT, began tumbling rapidly around the investment world.  Lehman Brothers also began collapsing, and suddenly lo and behold in October, 2008, a new name appears on our father's estate.
More worrying, a new version of the TD Bank Name appears:  TD WATERHOUSE.
There is a strange and urgent push to remove a lifetime of savings from BANK INSURED DEPOSITS AT OTHER BANKS into, you guessed it, MONEY MARKET FUNDS.
Next, we want to move on to the new upset, as of February and March 2011.
Of the three names signing on the estate, in 2009, Jocelyne Meloche, Greg Borowik, and Francine Hamelin, the last escaped our total analysis.
Francine was wise to keep a low profile, a very low profile, as she is the most interesting of the lot, so far.



  • She is a derivatives stock trader
  • She is part of the inflated Revenue Canada charges
  • She is part of the inflated Revenu Quebec charges
  • She is part of many lies on these sheets, including a return of Estate Tax that was never deducted in the first place
  • She is A BUSINESS PARTNER OF GUY MARC-AURELE, a target of PROJECT COLISSEE, for his friendly business dealings with the head of the Sixth Family, the Canadian Mafia
  • Guy Marc-Aurele was known for creative and fuzzy accounting and charged successfully with major taxation fraud
  • Hailing from the small town of Baie Comeau, she seems to exist in some magical legal zone, where she can even access the names, addresses, phone numbers, family trees, bank statements, wills and estate information, credit card records, and whereabouts of credit card users, on the same police officers, Queen's Counsels, and judges who try and indict connections of the SIXTH FAMILY, which might be of interest to her as her own Nevada business partner was an especial target
  • Why are these powerful men, not powerful perhaps as individuals, but powerful as a network, showing more concern that a partner of Guy Marc-Aurele is accessing all our banking information?


We are POSTING NEW INFORMATION because there has been no money wired to our bank account, and because the last LEGAL RELEASE we studied was from January 2010, sent the same time as the sickening Alice In Wonderland accounting sheet,


YVON DUCHAINE, THE HUSBAND OF FRANCINE HAMELIN.   And we ask you, could not your own wife have asked Greg Borowik to give OUR OWN FATHER'S LIFE SAVINGS.  To just wire this money into our bank accounts, to cool it with the games, and the manipulations, and phony looking legal release.

This fresh information (and we are still holding much more, located with friends around the world, who can create site mirrors) is information we would rather not have been involved with.

Yvon Duchaine hails from Jonquiere, Quebec, another small town.

He was previously married, and is a successfull businessman with a Industrial Parts Business on Rue Jarry Est, and is also involved in high finance: he has a second financial company listed at the same address, as selling RBC financial products.

With the zany fun of bank deregulation, this is probably quite legal, though with hundreds of RBC banks all over Canada, forgive us for wondering why any Canadian would not walk into a RBC Bank to buy a RBC bank product.  The company listing does not imply these are RBC gym tote bags or golfing hats, it is a financial services company.

With his wife involved with Guy Marc-Aurele in Nevada business, he might never know about that business rrelationship, though he and his wife own a Hollywood, Florida holiday home, a 5 minute drive - thanks Google Maps - from the Hallandale, Florida holiday home of Guy Marc-Aurele, the business partner of both the head of the Canadian Mafia, now in jail in Colorado, and also of his own wife, the incredibly lucky Francine Hamelin.


Where is the protection for our family?

Where is the protection for the hundreds of men and women who worked on Project Colisee?

Why is this one woman, a derivatives stock trader, from the tiny town of Baie Comeau, so blessed with the ability to resist scrutiny and examination?

This would have ended the day that our father's estate was paid out in full, so we could all return to our work, our professions, and pleasant daily life.

There has not been a single second payment allowing us to return to our full time work in another country as ESL Teachers.  We were cruelly manipulated and told for months the money would be sent.

We still wait for justice.



















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