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Life Story: Abbreviated

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I was born in Montreal, Canada, the eldest of three children, to a businessman father and a housewife mother. 
My early childhood was quite happy, and I loved to draw and read and paint, making hundreds of artworks based on an imaginary family called The Stick People.  My childhood is a place where I go frequently for enrichment and comfort.
I also loved school, and won prizes for arts, sports, and scholastic constests.  Travel too to London, Paris and the Caribbean came easily,  as my father worked for an airline which gave us free tickets.
My father left my mother for another woman when I was 12, and a very bitter divorce case ensued, lasting more than 15 years in the federal as well as provincial courts.
Economic problems followed as well, and my mom worked for minimum wages at a department store.  Still we had some fun, and managed to retain our airline tickets.
I travelled 10 times to Europe in my late teens and early twenties, becoming an expert on budget travel.  Once, I went straight from a low-paying job as a supermarket cashier, to the airport, where I caught a weekend flight to Paris.
After attending university, I lived in England showing my art in galleries there.  A car accident caused a hiatus in my career, and confined to my home, I turned to writing rather than making art.
Happily, I have now returned full-time to visual arts.



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